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Bengali Wedding Photography trends in 2013

Bengali Candid photographer  is now most sought after phrase in google searches for eastern region when searching for creative and candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. As per our statistics there were incredible14,000+ page views in last 6 months. This story is about trends in 2013 in Bengali wedding photography.

Bengali Wedding photography style has changed in the last 4-5 years where more and more couples are now aiming to hire professional candid photographers who capture that perfect moment. These moments tends to tell a story, captures the right there kind of moments for the bride and the groom.

While using the 'Candid' word is now becoming the in-thing more and more candid wedding photographers are now moving away to using various other names/words to stay away form the 'candid' crowd.' Few are using the word 'Life style wedding photography' and few using 'wedding photo journalism', ofcourse based on where they are located photographers uses the phrase 'in kolkata', 'in mumbai', 'in delhi', 'in patna', 'in dhanbad' and so on.

While a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata charges anywhere between 45-60k INR, some photographers have kept the price of candid wedding photography in Kolkata in a range of Rs 25,000 to 35,000 range. While some are good, most are wannabies trying their luck in candid wedding photography.

So it is imperative that clients undertand where this price range is coming from. Few things to note:
1. what is the experience of the photographers
2. What gears are being used, are they using cropped sensor camera or full frame cameras
3. How much effort are they putting in post processing
4. How sharp and crisp are their final output compared to the competition
5. finally aesthetic sense of the photographer.

We wish you good luck in finding that right photographer who will capture those magical moments.

Creative and Candid Wedding Magical Moments Kolkata Delhi Chennai Bangalore

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bihari Wedding Photojournalism: Creative wedding Photography in Kolkata : Nidhi and Abhishek

Bihari Wedding Photojournalism: Creative wedding Photography in Kolkata : Nidhi and Abhishek 

This was our first Bihari wedding that we covered in Kolkata. Nidhi was our client who requested for a creative wedding photography in her Sangeet and wedding day. Even though we never covered a Bihari wedding before I tried to convince Nidhi about our capabilities. Combined with an attractive cost and our creative wedding photography service, Nidhi took a leap of faith with us and decided to take our services. Our creative wedding photographers (here we are using creative wedding phrase instead of candid wedding photographer) took the challenge and started studying Bihari wedding rituals rather than just waiting to act on the day of the wedding.

Nidhi as usual was looking lovely. She has a photogenic face and we had absolutely no issues capturing the candid moments, because we didn't had to worry about how she would look. The above is from a ritual on Sangeet day during Haldi ceremony. I realised during this wedding that just like Bengali weddings a Bihari wedding is an elaborate, colorful function marked by traditional rituals. In most Bihari weddings the 'haldi' ceremony (beautifying the bride with turmeric paste) lasts for four days. The first of these four days is known as 'haldi ka din'. The 'pujari' conducts the 'Satyanarayan Puja' simultaneously as the married men and women apply the 'haldi-uptan' paste on the bride. The groom begins the same ceremony in his house and the 'Satyanarayana Puja' is performed in his house as well. In our case we covered the haldi ceremony on the Sangeet day, one day before the marriage. We wound up the day with Pind Daan. It is an offering of ground rice to the ancestors. The bride's mother and other 'sumangalis' (married ladies) grind the rice before the 'puja'.

On the day of the wedding we did a 30 minutes bridal portrait which is our specialty. We had 1 full frame canon camera and a cropped sensor camera for the bridal shoot. Following are some of the photos.

The bride wore a beautiful colorful saree and matching jewellery. Once the bridal portrait was shot we proceeded towards the ritual venue and started covering the wedding.

Wedding photo of Bihari Bride. Creative wedding photography

Image of a Bihari Wedding

After the jaimala, we obdserved Kanyadaan. For the 'kanyadaan' ceremony the 'pujari' asks the bride's father to stretch out his right hand, on top of which the bride's mother places her right hand, next the groom places his right hand on top of his mother-in-law's and lastly the bride, holding a conch, places her right hand on top of the groom's. The 'pujaris' chant mantras throughout and in this manner the bride is 'given away' by her parents to the groom eliciting a promise from him to look after and cherish their daughter. The 'pujari' sprinkles holy water on all of them. After the 'kanyadaan' ceremony the bride is seated to the right of the groom.

We finished the day after the bride and groom took the saat fera and the groom applying vermillion on the forehead of the bride.

This was one of our most memorable Bihari wedding photography project that we covered. Our professional photographers did a great job in staying on top of the project.

If you are looking for creative wedding photographers for your Bihari wedding, you may reach us at or visit

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wedding Photojournalism : Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata: Kinkini and Abhishek

Wedding Photojournalism : Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata: Kinkini and Abhishek

Kinkini's wedding was one of our earlier candid wedding photography project in Kolkata. Kinkini was looking for professional wedding photographer in kolkata who can shoot creative photos and make her wedding a memorable one. She did quite a bit of research work and finally she chose us. Once we understood from her what she wanted, we started working towards it. We showed her some of our earlier works and even showed some sample photos. As professional photographers we have to make sure that we set the correct expectations. Once she understood what to expect and we also understood what to deliver we had a deal.

A Bengali wedding day starts in the morning with Gaye Halud at both the Bride and Groom's house. Since we were required to cover only on the Bride side, we arrived at Kinkini's house in the morning to cover the Gaye Halud. Kinkini was as usual looking great in a yellow saree, divine and beautiful.
Gaye Halud. Photographer Ujjal Halder
After the Gaye Halud was covered we returned back in the evening for wedding coverage. In almost all the Bengali wedding the rituals are done in the evening. The most interesting of events for a bengali candid wedding photographer is the Shubho Drishti wherethe bride covers her face in paan pata (leaf) and enters the venue carried by her relatives.

Mala bodol. Exchange of garlands. Photographer Ujjal Halder
During the garland exchange, capturing the moment is one of the most challenging aspect for a candid wedding photographer. There is the crowd, the pushing and the shoving and the difficulty in shooting low light. Our candid wedding photographers or also known as Wedding photojournalists mingles with the crowd, stands at vantage points and ensures their every move is ahead of the crowd. Anticipating the moment and then getting lucky is key to a successful candid shot in a crowded place. Some photographers as in 35mm World Studio uses Canon L series lenses of 70-200mm to shoot some candid shots by being less obstrusive and standing at a far away location. The telephoto advantage is put into use. 

Vermillion application on the Bride's forehead is another anticipated moment. 35mm World Studio tries to capture a candid moment here as usual. In a traditional style photography, the photographers pause the moment and request the couple to pose. However in a candid moment the natural and happy face of the couple is captured. Here we see Kinkini smiling, her happiness obvious on her face. This is our moment of success in capturing a natural photograph.

The above photograph was shot at one of the casual moment when Kinkini was standing and was submerged in some thought. The vermillion had been applied already. At this time we did some couple portrait shots which could be viewed at

We wound up the day after shooting some couple portraits. It was a great bengali wedding project. All the family members were co-operative and were helping in nature. Without their support it would have been tough as the crowd was difficult to maneuver.
In this project we delivered a Canvera premium quality photobook, with heavy paper type. In almost all our candid Bengali wedding photography we provide Canvera premium quality photobook. 

If you are looking for creative candid wedding photography in your wedding and wish to make it memorable life long then you may reach us at +91 9051518411 or write to or visit

Author 'Abhijit Bhowmick' is a candid wedding photographer based out of Kolkata who has covered Bengali, Marwari, Bihari weddings in eastern India. He is the founder of 35mm World studio.

Creative candid wedding photography Kolkata

Creative and candid wedding Photography Kolkata

Creative candid wedding photography Kolkata is increasingly becoming popular. Candid wedding photos blend photojournalism and storytelling to make your memories very much personal. As a candid wedding photographer we will be your eyes throughout the ceremony, snapping shots of seemingly mundane activities and elevating them to an art form.Traditional wedding photography relies on posed, staged settings with uninteresting expressions and stiff smiles and annoying photographers asking to pose in front of the crowd. Candid wedding photography or photo-journalistic photos take a more narrative approach and create a story through photographs which you will re-live moments as you see them again and again.
Candid Wedding Photography can be best described as un-posed and unplanned, spontaneous and natural photographs. Kolkata has some fine candid wedding photoraphers like Prasanta Singha, Vinayak Das, Pradeep Sanyal, Raju Sultania and Abhijit Bhowmick. Professional wedding photographers specializing in candid wedding photography are now in demand and command a price tag of Rs 40,000 and above. A good source of professional 'wedding photographers' in Kolkata is

For some of the recent candid wedding photographs please visit here :!__photography

For candid wedding photographers in Kolkata and professional wedding photographer in Kolkata for the best day of your life, please get in touch with us at +91 9051518411 or visit

Candid photography shot by Ujjal Halder, a freelancer with 35mm World studio

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination wedding is getting popular as the couple now indulges in traveling to unique places for the big day. Of course the price comes at a premium and not everybody can afford to indulge in destination wedding. In recent times however couples have found alternate travel destinations which are closer home and can be got done at a reasonable cost.

For example if you are anywhere from Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal or Assam, you can now do a destination wedding at Puri, Mondarmoni or Chandipur, all three of them offering the sea and sand.

Chandipur sea Beach. Credit:

There are few candid wedding photographers in India who has done such destination wedding shoots. Abhijit Bhowmick from 35mm World Studio has done Marwari Destination wedding shoot at Puri. More details can be found at the following BLOG: Marwari Destination Wedding
Typically in destination wedding photography apart from the photography charge, the travel and stay is covered by clients. Most candid wedding photographers would prefer to be accommodated at a minimum of a deluxe room and preferably A/C rooms during hot and humid weather.

Dawn of Creative Candid Photoraphy in India

Dawn of Creative Candid wedding Photography in India

Candid wedding photography is at an infant stage in India and there are no proper sites to connect the wedding photographers with clients who are looking for such creative services. Many of my associates  have requested me for details of candid photographers in India and this post aims to do the same. Unlike the traditional style photography nowadays the younger generation is preferring something creative, something different, something interesting. This something different is invariable sometimes called Candid wedding photography, sometimes in a more refined manner called 'Fina Art Wedding' Photography. Whatever the name, fact remains that more and more people are now preferring Candid wedding photography. What then is candid wedding photography. Candid or also known as Creative candid wedding photography is an art form of wedding photography where the creative aspect of a wedding event is captured, where emphasize is given on candid style. The photographer remains hidden in the crowd and shoots candid moments of the guests, bride-groom etc. Most candid wedding photographers will carry good quality lenses and professional grade DSLR. So what are the criterias of a good candid wedding photographer in India and how much do they charge.
If you are looking for a good creative candid wedding photographer either in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai or Hyderabad then following guidelines will help you in your hunt for a good candid wedding photographer.

1. Candid style: 

Always compare photographs of different candid wedding photographers to get an idea of their style. See if these photos are posed or shot in a candid moment. In a candid moment generally the subjects remain free and happy and the stiffness in the muscle is not evident. A candid moment also creates an interesting perspective.

2. Professional lenses and Camera

A professional grade lenses and camera is a must, since specialised lenses gives an unique perspective. For example most candid photographers now use 50mm prime portrait lenses, which offers a new dimension in portrait photography. Some advanced candid  wedding photographers may go for 24-70 f2.8 lenses which are more appropriate for wedding photography. A good camera is also a necessity. Most desirable are the full frame cameras as these have good low light performance, that is even under low light condition the photographer can shoot a candid photograph without using the flash. So it is important that you ask your photographer a little about the camera gear to be used. Generally the following cameras are considered good. Canon - 550D, 600D, 60D are semi professional cameras and generally accepted, anything below these range is a no-no. Good ones are 7D and 5D Mark II and above. For Nikon D90, D7000 are considered good ones.

 3. Portfolio

Always insist on seeing the portfolio. For any particular wedding event ask for a set of photos from that event, that way it will help you understand the consistency of the candid photography. Surely you would not hire someone who delivers only 10% good photos and rest average ones. Post processing is also important. An average photo can be made to look great as well. So see the overall portfolio.

4. Pricing

This is very important because pricing decides whether you want to go with Mr X or Mr Y even though both might be producing similar results. Some well known top candid wedding photographers charge Rs 75,000 and above for the entire wedding. Some charge between 50-70k and some 30-50k range. If you ask me what is the difference, well then I would say why would you want a Reebok and not Bata, whereas both serves the purpose. To me if I see a Rs 40k guy is producing the same results, I will go with 40k guy, if I have all the money to spare and want to brag about exclusivity then I will spend in excess of Rs 1 lakh.
The photographs here were produced by photographers who charge Rs 35-40k per wedding event.
Following is a list of Wedding photographers. The charges may vary depending on which city you are calling from, where is the photographer based and what time of the year the booking is made.

List of Candid Wedding Photographer


Vinayak Das     -
Sanjay Austa


Pradeep Sanyal     -
Prasanta Singha    -
Abhijit Bhowmick  -


Mayuresh Patil   -
Sunil Umbre      -
Subhendu Sen   -
Vinayak Das     -


Sunil Umbre         -
Abhijit Bhowmick  - 
Pradeep Sanyal     -
Creative Chisel     -

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Marwari Destination Candid wedding photography

Marwari Destination Candid wedding photography

We had this unique opportunity to travel to Puri this year for a destination wedding photography shoot. The occasion was a wedding, Marwari wedding ceremony where the Groom was from Kolkata and Bride from Cuttack. We took this creative candid wedding photography opportunity without a second thought. After all we don't get to shoot in the sea-beaches too often. The mood was just perfect. We had the sea, sand and a grand wedding. The shoot was held at Puri Hotel a 5-star property in the secluded side. 


After we arrived we took a nice bath in the sea and took some rest. This was our first Marwari wedding and we must acknowledge that the arrangements were very good. The moment we were in the venue we were onto it. We did a recce of all the vantage points. There were 2 of us, Debangon and me. Debangon was ever excited as this was his first creative candid wedding photography and that too a destination wedding project. The project was undertaken by 35mm World Studio ( a Kolkata based candid wedding photography company. We were happy to see so many colors which were evident by the decorations. In the photo above we see a pink saree worn by the bride. We used Canon professional L series lenses in this project as we wanted the best candid wedding photographs to be shot. The first day was Sangeet night where the youngsters danced the night away. The second day was the wedding day. The wedding on till 3 AM in the morning. We were happy to see our final candid wedding photographs. Afterall we are happy when we see our clients happy.

Marwari Bride. Creative candid photography.
35mm world Studio has more than 2 years of experience in creative and candid wedding photography in India, specializing in Marwari, Bengali, Bihari and Odiya candid wedding photography. We can be reached at +91 9051518411 .